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9-11 Twelve Years Later

Can We Be Happy With Manna?


Worth It


Should We Change?

License To Complain


I'm Not Ashamed

Happy Labor Day!

The Essence Of Discipleship

Faith, Obedience, And The Book Of Numbers


Good Teachers

Excuses, Excuses!

Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friend

What Really Matters To You?

Work For The Night Is Coming

Super What?

Love Believes All Things

Become As Little Children

Oh The Things We May Do

The First Day Of The Week


Keeping Cool Without Compromise

Inspiration And Revelation

Healthy Skepticism

Only In Thee

Fleecing The Sheep

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

Can You Feel The Holy Spirit Move?

Buy The Truth

Mother's Love

Righteous Judgment

Bringing In The Sheaves

Symptoms And Diseases

Fear Of Failure

The Lord Is Blessing Me

I Was Sick And You Visited Me

Proven Diligent

Diligently Remembering The Poor

Ruling With Diligence

Diligent For The Future Of The Church

What Will Others Think?

Divine Approval

Make Your Calling And Election Sure

Be Diligent To Enter That Rest

Unity Of The Spirit In The Bond Of Peace

A Lesson From Sesame Street

A Minister — Who, Me?


Adorning The Gospel

All Tied Up

Alzheimers And Divorce


Are You A Thermometer Or A Thermostat?

are You A Werf?

Ash Wednesday

Back To Basics

Bible Map

Bible Study Aids

Bin-Laden Is Dead

Bread From Heaven

Bringing Bread And Cheese

Bringing In The Sheaves

Buy The Truth Snd Sell It Not

By What Authority

Care Like Paul Cared

Challenges We Face Pertaining To The Bible

Clergy or Laity?


Courage To Change


Daylight Saving Time

Dealing With Sin And Temptation

Delicious Grapes And Stubborn Calves


Do You Not Know?

Do You Smell?

Does God Have A Dress Code?

Does Jesus Live In This Village

Don't Get Preachy!

EarlyDews And Treacherous Bows


Equally Precious Faith

Examine Your Ears!

Faith And KLnowledge

Fear Of Failure

For My Clothing They Cast Lots

Forever Stamps And The Blood Of Christ

Forwarding Emails And Full Disclosure

Getting Past Your Past

Give Attention To Reading

God And You

God Is Able

God Is Rich

God Is Rich2

GodIs Rich3

God Is Rich4


Greenhouses And Salvation


He Bore It All

He Shall Direct Your Paths

Here Am I — Send Me

Here I Am

How Much Do You Weigh?

How Not To Admit Sin

How To Study Your Bible

Hypocrites In The Church

Improving The Assembly

It Is Written

It Works!

It's Not About Me

Jumping To Conclusions

Just A Cup Of Water

Keeping Cool Without Compromise

King Of The Jews

Labor Day

Lance Armstrong

Law Or Grace?

Leap Year

Leave It With The Lord

Lessons From A Crow

Looking On Him Whom They Pierced

Lord, Is It I?

Man Up!

Membership Has Its Privileges

Minding The Things Of God Or Of Men?

Mocking The Messiah

Narrow Minded

Nearer My God To Thee

Needed: More Ezras

Nehemiah's Recipe For Success


Psalm 46:1

Quintet Of Love

Rahab The Harlot

Receiving The Gift

Redeeming The Time

Resolutions For The New Year


Righteous Judgment

Road Construction


Sense And Sensibility

Shortage Of Light

Son Of God

Soul For Ssale

Speak Lord, For Your Servant Hears


Summer Is Ended

Summing It All Up

Take Heed How You Hear

Temper, Temper!


The Bottom Line

The Church: Christ's . . .

The Lord Has Need Of Him

The Right Way

The Tax Man Cometh

The Threefold Witness Of Good Character

Three Timeless Questions

Too Narrow-Minded

Troublesome Times

Truth: Shocking!

Veil Torn

Walking By Faith With Abraham

Walking By Faith

What Does God Require Of Me?

What If Jesus Came To Church?

What Is The Church To You?


When Religion Becomes Routine

Where Do You Live?

Whitney Houston's Funeral And The Flag

Who Wants To Be A Christian?

Wholly Holy

Why Me?

Will God Answer Prayer?

Worse Than A Fool

Worth It

Would You Like To Be Famous?

Yom Kippur

You Were Not Willing

Your Soul And Its Relationship With God

Zip Your Lip!

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