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Positive Preaching


Men Who Make a Difference


Good God, Evil World, Certain Judgment

More Excuses for Apostasy

Laborers Saved by Grace

God, His Man, and His Word

No Turning Back?


Whatever Will Be Will Be?

Fruitfulness, #2

An Offer You Can’t Refuse?


Were You Born A Sinner?

Obedience From The Heart

Because He Lives I Know He Paid My Debt


Developing Servant Leaders

When My Love to Christ Grows Weak

The Reality of Hell

Growth of God’s Kingdom


The Delightful Word of God

What Ever Happened to Matthew 18?


If I’m Forgiven, Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

The Value of God’s Kingdom

Three Principles of Sacrifice, #2

God’s Dependable Word

Three Principles of Sacrifice

By What Authority?


The Gospel

Broken Cisterns

God, His Word, and You

One Truth

Jesus: Author of Eternal Salvation

I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord

What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Teach about Creation

Unlikely Prospects

The Fight is On!

Godly Response to Divine Chastening

Walking Carefully in Wisdom

Mary Magdalene: Devoted Disciple

Walking in Love

Be a Barnabas (#2)

A New Way to Walk

Be a Barnabas!

Make Me A Servant

The Testing of Your Faith

The Platform of Christian Unity

Paul’s Prayer

The Name Christian

The Mystery of Christ

The Way

Sinners Saved By Grace

Living for the Lord

Assurance of Salvation

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