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The Value of God’s Kingdom

Three Principles of Sacrifice, #2

God’s Dependable Word

Three Principles of Sacrifice

By What Authority?


The Gospel

Broken Cisterns

God, His Word, and You

One Truth

Jesus: Author of Eternal Salvation

I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord

What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Teach about Creation

Unlikely Prospects

The Fight is On!

Godly Response to Divine Chastening

Walking Carefully in Wisdom

Mary Magdalene: Devoted Disciple

Walking in Love

Be a Barnabas (#2)

A New Way to Walk

Be a Barnabas!

Make Me A Servant

The Testing of Your Faith

The Platform of Christian Unity

Paul’s Prayer

The Name Christian

The Mystery of Christ

The Way

Sinners Saved By Grace

Living for the Lord

Assurance of Salvation

Spiritual Blessings In Christ (#2)

Satan’s Tools

Spiritual Blessings In Christ

Repent Of Your Sins (Michael Oliver)

Scripture Is Sufficient (Michael Oliver)

Biblical Knowledge (Michael Oliver)

Believe On Christ (Michael Oliver)

“I Am” Statements In Revelation

Sardis: Tombstone Territory

Thyatira: Toxic Toleration


Pergamos: Satan Place

The Day The Sun Stood Still

Suffering Saints Of Smyrna

Christ And His Kingdom (#2)

Lost Love Of Ephesus

Christ And His Kingdom


Wonderful Jesus

Blessings And Obligations Of God’s Word

Duties Of Godly Fathers

The Hand Writing On The Wall

The Work Of The Church

Wild Grapes

The Organization Of The Church

The Nature Of The Church

How Important Is The Church


A Faith Worth Imitating

What About Reincarnation?

Obedience: Conditional Or Unconditional?

Called, Chosen, And Faithful (#3)

When Life Tumbles In

Called, Chosen, and Faithful (#2)

What Does The Lord Require?

Called, Chosen, And Faithful

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Apostasy (#2)

What Jesus’ Resurrection Accomplished

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Apostasy

Encouraging words

The Christian’s Personal Relationships, #2

The Christian’s Personal Relationships

Your God And Your Goals

Condition And Conduct Of Christians


Christ Versus Carnality

Paradise Lost

Four False Faiths

Lasting Good

Foundation For Faithfulness

God’s Word And The Young

Believing And Doing The Truth

The Christian’s Two-Day Calendar (#2)

The Preeminent Christ

The Christian’s Two-Day Calendar

Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians

God’s Way Is Best

Conversion of the Colossians

The Blessedness Of Obedience

The Sanctity Of Innocent Human Life

Remember Lot’s Wife

Worship And Obedience

Abimelech: Wasted Talent

Now Is The Day Of Salvation

With One Accord

Following The Pattern In The New Year

Not-So-Famous Last Words

Temptations Of Jesus

Watch Out For Pride

Go Teach! (Leonard Graves)

Faithful Watching

Distinct Differences

Things That Really Matter

Ourselves And Others

Fruit Of The Spirit

Good Works

Liberty Or License?

Do We Believe What We Sing? (#2)

Liberty Or Legalism?

Do We Mean What We Sing?

What The Law Said About Itself

Sons Of God

Run With Patience

Why (Not) The Law?

Blessed Assurance

The Blessing Of Justification By Faith

Christ: Everything Or Nothing

Liberty In Christ

A Pattern For Sin

The Reliable Gospel

Wait On The Lord

The One True Gospel

Things That Don’t Change, #2

Guarding The Gospel Of Grace

Seeking God After The Due Order

The Power Of Authenticity (Doug Wallum)

Unity In Christ (Gary Wallum)

Things That Don’t Change

Salvation In Isaiah 55 (#2)

A Man After God’s Own Heart, #2

Salvation In Isaiah 55

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Keeping Religion In Its Place

Micaiah: Messenger Of Sound Speech


Where Is My Honor?

Faithfulness Versus Foolishness

Jesus: Prince Of Peace

The Majesty Of The Lord (Psalm 24)

The Basis Of Faithfulness

Oh What A Difference!

In Remembrance Of Me

Remember Your Creator

Help, Lord!

Moses’ Marvelous Mother

Translations And Versions, #2

Passing The Test

Translations And Versions

The Cost Of Compromise, #2

The Cost Of Compromise

Things Proper For Sound Doctrine

What About Easter?

Sins That Crucified Jesus

The Gospel Is For All

The Dignity Of Humanity (Psalm 8)

What Hinders Me From Being Baptized?

Music That Honors The Lord

Disposition, Doctrine, And Deeds

Singing To One Another


The Omnipotence Of God

Come To Bible Class

The Day Of The Lord

God’s Powerful Gospel

Beware of False Teachers (#2)

Remember The Poor

Beware Of False Teachers

The Blessed Man

The Trustworthy Scriptures

The Injustice Of Abortion

Help Our Unbelief (Keden Shrum)

Let Us Come Together (Heath Stapleton)

Submit To God

It’s Impossible!

Faith Is The Victory

The Importance Of Involvement

Daniel’s Prayer Life (by Keden Shrum)

Beatitudes Of Revelation (#2)

Two Fountains

Beatitudes Of Revelation

Making Your Calling And Election Sure

Lord, Is It I?

Brotherly Kindness And Love

Ruth: A True Story Of True Love, #4


Ruth: A True Story Of True Love, #3


Ruth: A True Story Of True Love, #2


Ruth: A True Story Of True Love


Character Sketch Of Manoah


The Certainty Of Salvation


David: An Exemplary Servant

Counting The Cost

Building Upon The Foundation

Christianity: An “Exceptional” Religion

Teachers Of The Bible

Remembering 9/11

This World Is Not Our Home (Howell Ferguson)

The Dignity Of Work

The Remnant

Troubler Of Israel

Did God Create A Devil?

The Baptism Of Jesus

God’s Infinite Power

What Profit Is It?

Childish Or Childlike? #2

Keys To Perseverance

Childish Or Childlike?

Elders Exhorted

If I Were Satan

Right Attitudes For Enduring Trials

Jotham’s Fable

Glorifying God Through Endurance

Jeremiah: Profile In Courage

New Life In Christ

Woe Unto . . . Whom? (#2)

God Rules The Nations

Woe Unto . . . Whom?

Ready To Suffer

Joseph Of Arimathea

Where Do Fathers Fit In?

Be Encouraged!

Attitudes For A Blessed Life

What People Really Need (#2)

Christian Marriage

What People Really Need

Patient Endurance


Evangelism By Example

Joab: Divided Loyalty

Building Upon The Cornerstone

Zeal And Knowledge

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Zeal And Knowledge

Christianity For Keeps

Hopeful Living

A Living Hope

Male And Female He Created Them

Hindrances To Truth

“Alternatives” To Truth, #2

“Alternatives” To Truth

Truth And You

Diligently Helping The Poor

Diligence In Teaching

Diligently Keeping Unity

Diligent To Enter Rest

Diligently Making Your Calling And Election Sure

Diligently Seeking Divine Approval


Humble Servanthood

What We Need In 2021

Three Questions About Salvation

Coming Out Of Bondage

Grieving the Heart of God (Keden Shrum)

Honoring God’s Grace (Heath Stapleton)

What Did They Just Say? (Nathan Boyd)

What Is A Christian? (#2)

What Is A Christian?

Progress in Purity or Perish in Paganism

Jacob’s Ladder

Misrepresenting God

Glorifying God (#2)

Glorifying God

Opportunity And Responsibility

People Who Were Not Saved (#2)

People Who Were Not Saved

Love Others (Nathan Boyd)

Your Day In Court


Do Not Love Sleep (Daniel Lange)

David’s House And God’s House

Love The Brotherhood (Chuck Murrell)

The Importance Of The Individual

Do Not Love Money (Robert Dodson)

Looking For God (In All The Wrong Places)

Do Not Love Preeminence — The Spirit of Diotrephes (Bill Mayes)

Peter’s Denials

Do Not Love The World (J.J. Hendrix)

Fellowship (#2)

Love The Lost (Clint Brown)


Love God’s Word: Truth

Precious Things

Love Your Enemies

The Way Of Righteousness v The Way That Seems Right

Love Your Neighbor (Robert Moss)

Standing In The Gap

Love Your Children (Cub Orcutt)

Father Abraham

Love Your Spouse (Spencer Ross)

The Christian’s Identity With Christ (#2)

The Christian’s Identity With Christ

Do Not Love Pleasure (by Kevin Langford)

Continuing Education

Love God (by Kevin Rhodes)

Things To Remember

Coming Back (Manasseh)

New Life In Christ







When Opportunity Knocks

How The World Views The Church

Blessed Are Those Persecuted For Righteousness’ Sake

The Hope That Is In You

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

How Jesus Dealt With People: Convicted Sinners

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Blessed Are The Merciful

How Jesus Dealt With People: Hardened Sinners

Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness

How Jesus Dealt With People: The Half-Committed

Blessed Are The Meek

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

How Jesus Dealt With People: Struggling Disciples

Abortion: Mixing Politics With Religion?

How Jesus Dealt With People: Sincere Truth-Seekers

Proper Fear of God

How Jesus Dealt With People: The Suffering and Grieving

20:20 in 2020

How to Go to Heaven

To Work or Not to Work

A Tree of Life

Jesus the Man

Three Courts

Convicting the World

The Pitiful Plight of Judah and Jerusalem (#2)

(Dis)Advantages of Being a Christian

The Pitiful Plight of Judah and Jerusalem

Six Ways to Spurn the Invitation

The Tower of Babel


Lessons From Nature (Part 2)

One Baptism (Part 2)

Lessons From Nature

One Baptism

Pleasing God (Part 2)

The Limits of Longsuffering

What Do I Still Lack?

Pleasing God

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Lessons From a Floating Axe Head?

Lost And Found

Great Salvation, Great Love

Fellow-Workers for the Truth

One More Night with the Frogs

Are You Related to Jesus?

Can These Bones Live?

Gehazi: Greed v Godliness

What Has Jesus Done by Going to the Cross? (Rod Kyle)

Naaman the Leper

God and You

Hell (by Robert Moss)

Made in the Image of God


Lessons from the Life of Peter

Attacks on God’s Word (by Jimmy Pitchford)

The Second Coming of Jesus (by Kevin Langford)

Joy (#2)

Devices of the Devil (#2)

Baptism is Necessary for Salvation (by Phil McIntosh)


Devices of the Devil

People Have the God-given Ability to Choose Whether to Believe and Obey Him (by Kevin Rhodes)

Weeping And Warning

We Serve God Today Under The New Covenant of Christ (by Bill Mayes)

Keeping On

Whose Son Are You? #2

Only Through Christ Can Any Lost Person Be Saved (by Dwight Butler)

What’s Cooking?

Whose Son Are You?

Jesus Established His Church and is its Head (by Robert Dodson)

Can We Be Happy With Manna?

Paradoxes of Christianity, #2

The Resurrection of Jesus (by Cub Orcutt)

Paradoxes of Christianity

Things We Cannot Do Without, #2

The Deity of Jesus (by Spencer Ross)

Things We Cannot Do Without

The Greatest Commandment (by Allen Mann)

The Bible is God’s Inspired, Authoritative Word (by Chuck Murrell)

Creation (by David McElwain)

God Exists (By Clint Brown)

Things We Cannot Do Without

Our Heavenly Father

Riding the Roller Coaster of Faith

Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

Run The Race As A Volunteer

What In The World Are You Doing For Heaven’s Sake?

How to be Happy (#3)

What Is Proper Speech (#2)

How to be Happy (#2)

What Is Proper Speech?

How to be Happy

Control Your Tongue (by Leonard Graves)

Are You In the Lord’s Church? (by Leonard Graves)

Water Salvation?

Striking Oil

The Resurrection of Jesus

The Confession of Faith

Current Challenges

Sin Is Still Sin

What About The Thief On The Cross?

The Profit Motive

Coattail Religion

For Such A Time As This

Where Am I Going?

Why Am I Here?

Where Did I Come From?

The Invitation

The “Who” and “How” of Help

The Goodness And Severity Of God

The Gospel In Six Seconds

The Mathematics of Christianity

Upon What Do You Base Your Faith?

Christ in the Psalms

How To Receive The Word

Innocent Blood

Learning The Hard Way

Calling on the Name of the Lord

The Golden Rule

Taking Inventory

Bearing The Cross (#2)

Will This Be The Year?

Bearing The Cross

Jesus’ Family Tree

Do What You Can

Spiritual Maturity #2

Spiritual Maturity

Live For Jesus

Semper Fidelis

Jael: An Enigma

God and the Gospel

Yahweh Nissi

Imitating the Thankfulness of Jesus

Elijah Ascends

Avoiding Agents of the Adversary


Quality Christianity

Prayerful Planning

Elijah Rebukes the King: Will Ahab Ever Learn?

Plowing New Ground

My Faith Looks Up To Thee

Unity in Christ that Glorifies God

The Crucifixion of Christ (by Nathan Boyd)

Who Are You? (by Nathan Boyd)

Receive One Another

Yahweh Sabaoth

Love and Light


The Christian and Civil Government

Elijah: You Are Not Alone!

Overcoming Evil

Sacrificial Service


Christians: Non-Conformists

Elijah’s Path to Victory

You Can Come Back

Singing With Meaning

Israel: Rejecting and Rejected

Lean On His Arm

The Sovereign Justice of God

El Roi

Children of Flesh, Children of Promise

Hushai: Not A Fair-Weather Friend

Triumph Over Trial

Elijah Revives the Widow’s Son

Spirit and Sonship

Liberty and Life in Christ

El Elohe Israel;  El Shaddai;  El Elyon

A Daughter’s View of her Father

Huldah: Faithful Prophetess

Law and Gospel: Death and Life

The Widow’s Oil

Christianity and the Law

Hophni and Phinehas

A Mother’s Advice

Elijah’s Drought

Freedom And Slavery

Is Grace A License To Sin?


Death in Adam, Life in Christ


Blessings of Justification by Faith


A Beautiful Life

Jews, Gentiles, and Justification (#2)

Jews, Gentiles, and Justification

Yahweh / I Am That I Am

Practice What You Preach!


Justification By Faith: Who Needs It? (#2)

Shall I Crucify My Savior?

Justification By Faith: Who Needs It?


Who Sees Me? (by Nathan Boyd)

Renewal Of The Inward Man

Born Again?

My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less

How Should We Handle Abortion?


Return To The Old Paths (#2)


Return To The Old Paths

Rejecting Jesus (by Joel Slater)


Winter Is Coming

I Know Whom I Have Believed

The Work Of An Evangelist

War And Peace

Complete Equipment For Continual Endurance

John Mark

Practical Tips For Perilous Times

The Faithful Gospel Preacher (Part 2)

The Faithful Gospel Preacher

O Listen to the Wondrous Story

Implications of the Resurrection

Healthy Skepticism

A Worker For The Lord

Characteristics of Great Faith


I Was Wrong!

It Is Well With My Soul

What Do You Think About The Christ?

The Withered Fig Tree

Doing God’s Will (Part 3)

Paul’s Three “I Ams”

Doing God’s Will (Part 2)

Doing God’s Will (Part 1)


Integrity: Sexual Morality

God Will Take Care Of You

Integrity: Money Matters

I Can Do What I Want (by Nathan Boyd)

Integrity: Being Law-Abiding Citizens

Integrity: Truth/Honesty

Healing The Bent-Over Woman

God Is In Control (Heath Stapleton)


Jesus The Servant

Things That Are Incorruptible

The Good Fight Of The Faith

Wholesome Words

There Is A Fountain

Preparing For Sunday (Dub Hill)

The Coin in the Fish’s Mouth

Behavior Toward Elders

Meet The Herods!

Caring For Widows

By Christ Redeemed, In Christ Restored

The Preacher’s Life and Work (part 2)

The Preacher’s Life and Work

Soldier, Athlete, and Farmer (by Pat Mcintosh)

That “Aha!” Moment (by Pat Mcintosh)


Spiritual Health

Healing a Gentile Woman’s Daughter

The Mystery of Godliness

Correct Christain Conduct

Hallelujah! What A Savior!



Hannah: A Godly Mother

Healing the Bleeding Woman


Gender Roles

On The Cross Of Calvary

The Privilege of Prayer

What Constrains You?

Because He Lives I Know He Paid My Debt

Simon of Cyrene

A Sinner Saved By Grace

Healing Two Blind Men

Defending The Faith

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control

Are You Ready? (By Nathan Boyd)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit; Meekness

Ten Thousand Angels

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness


Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Stilling the Storm

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering

Nailed To The Cross

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Love

God Shall Wipe Away All Tears: Raising The Widow of Nain’s Son

Sigh And Cry!

Break Thou The Bread Of Life


Going For The Gold (The Sin of Achan and its consequences)

Three Crosses

Forgive One Another (by Nathan Boyd)

Love One Another (by Nathan Boyd)

Overcoming Adversity (by Nathan Boyd)

Watch The Company You Keep (by Nathan Boyd)

The Strangest Christmas Sermon You Ever Heard

Perfection (by Dub Hill)

Restoration, Part 2

Restoration, Part 1


The Parable of the Sower

Temperance (by Nathan Boyd)

The Church: God’s Family

The Church: God’s Temple

The Church: Christ’s Body

The Church: Christ’s Kingdom

The Church: Christ’s Bride

Three Doors

Visiting The Sick

Are You Content? (by Nathan Boyd)

Biblical Inspiration (by Dan Owen)

Deliver Us, Oh God!

Doing What You Came To Do


Father Abraham

Feeding The 5000

Following The Right Example

He Who Comes To Me I Will By No Means Cast Out

Healing The Man With The Withered Hand

Healing The Centurion’s Servant

Healing A Paralyzed Man

Not Just A Fish Story

I Am Willing! Be Cleansed!

Healing A Demonized Man

Healing Of The Weak Man

Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law

Healing The Man Born Blind

Healing The Nobleman’s Son

I Am He Who Lives

I Am He Who Searches The Hearts

I Am The Alpha And The Omega

In God We Trust (by Nathan Boyd)

Is The Biblical Text Accurate And Trustworthy? (by Dan Owen)

Jesus’ First Miracle

Jesus Walking On Water

Jesus: Root And Offspring Of David

Let God Be God (by Jimmy Pitchford)

O Worship The King

Persecution, Politics, Protection, And Providence

Persistence In Prayer

Politics, Preaching, And Procrastination

Second Kings

Serving And Being Served

A Study Of Second Timothy 2:15 (by Nathan Boyd)

Surviving The Storm

That Terrible Tongue

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

The English Bible (by Dan Owen)

The Historical Jesus (by Dan Owen)

The Journey Begins

The Justice And Righteousness Of God

The Offense Of The Gospel

The Raising Of Lazarus

Wait! Weeds Won’t Win

Watch The Company You Keep (by Nathan Boyd)

What Will You Leave Your Children?

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Which Books Belong In The Bible? (by Dan Owen)

Why Are You Waiting?

Why Can I Not  Follow You Now? (by Robert Dodson)

Why Do You Judge Your Brother?

Why Fast? Why Not Fast? (by Cory Collins)

Why Has Satan Filled Your Heart? (by Bill Mayes)

Why Has This Befallen Us? (by David McElwain)

Why Hear Him? (by Tavaris Armstrong)

Why Not Believe Me? (by Archie Green)

Why Talk To Her? (by Kevin Langford)

Why Transgress Traditions? Why Transgress God’s Commands (by Clint Brown)

Why Trouble The Teacher Any Further? (by Spencer Ross)

Why Will You Die? (by Kevin Rhodes)

A Father For God’s Son

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