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PDF – Articles

Here are articles in PDF format you can use for church bulletins, devotionals, etc.


Ill-Gotten Gain (devotional)

The Walking Dead (Devotional)

Let's Go For A Walk (bulletin articles)

True Heroes (devotional)

Deceitful Pride (bulletin articles)

Reverence and Love (devotional)

The Bible In English (bulletin articles)

How Quickly We Forget! (bulletin articles)

Self-Imposed Famine (bulletin articles)

Wisdom: God's Apprentice (devotional)

The Trouble With Truth (bulletin articles)

Righteousness, not Ritualism (bulletin articles)

Accord or Discord? (devotional)

Seek Me And Live! (bulletin articles)

Off To Work! (devotional)

Prepare to Meet Your God! (bulletin articles)

Did Jonah Finally Get It? Do We? (bulletin articles)

Memorize! (devotional)

Of Springtime And Churches (bulletin articles

Being Merciful and Faithful (devotional)

Honor Your Mother! (bulletin articles)

Just Say "No!" (Devotional)

Identifying What's Important (bulletin articles)

This Jesus (devotional)

Treasure! (bulletin articles)

Acquire and Apply Wisdom (devotional)

The Danger of Overstatement (bulletin articles)

Profiting From Proverbs (devotional)

Jezreel: God Scatters, God Sows (bulletin articles)

Gracious Speech (bulletin articles)

Moderation (devotional)

The Lord's Way Is Best (bulletin articles)

I Am Not A Robot (devotional)

Change Your Clothes! (bulletin articles)

But It Sounds So Good! (bulletin articles)

The Apple Of His Eye (devotional)

Highly Unlikely Versus Absolutely Certain (devotional)

Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory (bulletin articles)

Before And After (bulletin articles)

The Critical Need of God's Presence (devotional)

The Blessedness of Perseverance (devotional)

Jesus: Our All In All (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Trusting and Hoping in the Lord (devotional)

Redeemed! How I Love To Proclim It! (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Faithful Obedience (devotional)

Are You A Qualified Heir? (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Wisdom (devotional)

A Strange Thing? (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Becoming Like God (devotional)

Walk or Stumble? (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Divine Discipline and Teaching (devotional)

Truth, Mercy, and Knowledge of God (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Humble Worship (devotional)

I Will . . . (bulletin articles)

The Greatest Blessing (devotional)

New Beginnings (bulletin articles)

Jesus the Baby and Jesus the Adult (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Trusting in the Lord (devotional)

Hanukkah (devotional)

Valley of Trouble, Door of Hope (bulletin articles)

Prosperity And God (bulletin articles)

The Blessedness of Being Forgiven (devotional)

Wasted Time (devotional)

Holiday Cheer — What Kind? (bulletin articles)

True Happiness (devotional)

Worse Then Before the Flood? (bulletin articles)

Here We Go Again! (devotional re: church shootings)

Before And After (bulletin articles)

Jesus: Firstborn (bulletin articles)

Rescued And Transferred (bulletin articles)

Thankful For Faith, Hope, and Love (devotional)

Rebels, Redemption, And The Remnant (bulletin articles)

Sons of God in Christ Jesus (devotional)

Situation Hopeless (NOT!) bulletin articles

Just a Cup of Water (bulletin articles)

Sons of God by means of The Faith (devotional)

Not Just Children, But Sons (devotional)

Minimum Standards (bulletin articles)

All Sons of God (devotional)

Commendable Confidence (bulletin articles)

Keyboard Religion (bulletin articles)

Reflect, Don't Block! (devotional)

Remember the Poor (devotional)

Conversions in Corinth (bulletin articles)

Fire In My Bones (bulletin articles)

Good News From Other Places (devotional)

Who Are You Trying To Please? (devotional)

What Does That Have To Do With Jesus  Hanging On A Cross? (bulletin articles)

Who Does All This? (devotional)

Mock, Delay, or Trust and Obey (bulletin articles)

The Gospel and the Pocketbook (bulletin articles)

He Sat Down (devotional)

What People Say And What God Says (devotional)

Resolving Controversy (bulletin articles)

Doing It Yourself (devotional)

Remember (bullletin articles)

He Shall Direct Your Paths (bulletin articles)

Sowing And Reaping (devotional)

Getting Past Our Past (bulletin articles)

Two Blinded Men (bulletin articles)

What Are You Good For? (devotional)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control (devotional)

Sound Asleep (bulletin articles)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Meekness (devotional)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness (devotional)

Vacation Time (bulletin articles)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (devotional)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (devotional)

How Shall They Hear? (bulletin articles)

I'm Not Perfect (Or Am I?) (bulletin articles)

Kicking Against The Goads (bulletin articles)

Jesus: My Atonement Offering (devotional)

Members Of The Body (bulletin articles)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering (devotional)

Contending For The Faith (bulletin articles)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Peace (devotional)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (devotional)

Jesus and the Fruit of the Spirit: Love (devotional)

Inspired: What's That? (bulletin articles)

When Ball Becomes Baal (bulletin articles)

Beware The Bandwagon! (bulletin articles)

Being Friends of the Poor (bulletin articles)

What Sort Of Man Is This? #4 (devotional)

What Sort Of Man Is This? #3 (devotional)

What Sort Of Man Is This? #2 (devotional)

What Sort Of Man Is This? (devotional)

Are You Related To Jesus? (bulletin articles)

Characteristics of a Growing Church (bulletin articles)

Wanted: Willing Worshippers (bulletin articles)

It's What You Do (Devotional)

Being Confrontational

Super What?

Fruit, Sticks, and other "Little" Things (bulletin articles)

What A Might God We Serve! (devotional)

Imagine This! (bulletin articles)

When Holidays Aren't Happy (devotional)

Unintended Consequences (devotional)

Reach Out And Touch Someone (devotional)

Love: Key To Obedience (devotional)

Jumping To Conclusions (devotional)

Is It Lawful? (devotional)

Fake News (devotional)

1000 Years Left! (devotinal)

What To Do With The Bible

Your Powerful Example

Fishing License (bulletin articles)

Fitness Facts (bulletin articles)

Who Does He Think He Is? (bulletin articles)

Walking By Faith

Answers To Prayer

Ask What You Can Do For The Church

Giving Thanks To God

Endangered Children

A Heart For God

A Proud Father

Are You For Real?

Beulah Land

Beware The Bandwagon!

Blood Donation

But I've Already Been Baptized-1

But I've Already Been Baptized-2

But I've Already Been Baptized-3

Carnal And Spiritual

Christ For The World


Dealing With Anger

Defending Your Hope

Don't Fix It

Don't Follow The Crowd

Don't Be A Demas

God's Amazing Grace

Good Days And Bad Days


Harvest Time

He Restores My Soul

Hey! We're Not Praying!

The Hospitality Of God

How Much Do You Love Me?

I Have Sinned!

I Shall Not Want

I Will Fear No Evil

I'm Only Human!

In Favor Of Arguing

Influencing Others Evangelistically

Instant Gratification

It's JustYou And Me Lord

Jesus: Alpha And Omega


Keeping The Faith

Kicking Against The Goads

Know Love That Surpasses Knowledge

Learning And Doing

Led In Paths Of Righteousness

Let's Eat!

Let's Get To Work!

Lie Down In Green Pastures

Little Things

Love Is What The World Needs

Love The Lord And Teach Your Children

Mimic Me

Night With Ebon Pinion

Not Love Men's Praises

Not Love Money

Not Love Pleasure

Not Love Power And Preeminence

Not Love This Present World

Not Love Sleep

Not Love The World

Not Who But What

Paths Of Righteousness

Preparing For Retirement


Pursue Edification

Pursue Faith

Pursue Godliness

Pursue Holiness

Pursue Hospitality

Pursue Love

Pursue Meekness

Pursue Patience

Pursue Peace

Pursue Righteousness

Pursue The Prize

Pursue What Is Good

Pursued By Goodness And Mercy

Questions Everyone Asks

Raise Your Ebenezer

Righteousness, Not Self-righteousness

Rod And Staff





Sing And Be Happy


So I Said To The Judge

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Milk Of Human Kindness

Those Crazy Christians

Thoughts Words Deeds

Three Courts

Unity Among The People Of God

Unpleasant Tasks

Vestigial Organs


WhatGood Am I?

What Is A Christian To Do?

What's In Your Heart?

Work, For The Night Is Coming



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