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What Christians Ask Others to Believe



If You Don’t Ask, Then The Answer Is No

It’s OK Because

Ears To Hear

Purpose and Direction

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When Silence Isn’t Golden

Come, Take, Learn

First Day of the Week

Truancy: Chronic Absenteeism

God’s Benefit Package

Looking Like God

Outrageous Barbarism

Best Friend Forever

Justice Prevails!



Take Heart!

Being a Sheep

Being Different


Drinking From The Source

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

What Is Your Record?

The Good Old Days

Great Expectations

You Can Know!

Whose Feet Would You Not Wash?

Earnest Desire For God’s Word

Chance or Opportunity?

Wars And Rumors of War

Trusting Thomas

You Are What You Eat

Self-Imposed Blindness

Bitter Sweet

Craving Approval

Count To Ten?

To Whom Shall We Go?

The Rest Of The Story

Must You Tell Everything You Know?


Deliberately Avoiding The Limelight

An Ounce Of Prevention


Are You Glad?

Don’t Fall For It!

Another Look At The Woman At The Well

Take A Chill Pill!

Growth of God’s Word

Whose Glory Is In Their Shame

Words Are Necessary!

Helpful Aids For Bible Study

Jesus’ Family Tree

What Time Is It?

Making Improvements To The Church

Missing The Point

Income Tax Day

It’s Called The World For A Reason

There Was No Plan B

Do You Take The Bible Literally?

Can Straw Become Gold?

Redeeming The Time

From Heaven Or From Men?

Fled For Refuge

Give Me A Sign!

God of Love or God of Wrath?

A New Song

Strait Is Seldom Straight

Mind Control

Living Up To Your Name

Which Soil Describes Your Heart?

Taking Inventory

Holiday Compassion

Belongings Or Belonging?

Young Children Serving God

God At Work

Where Are The Nine?

Jonah And The Love Of God

Why Does God Allow Trials?

What Kind Of Faith?

I Have Fought The Good Fight

Kindness And Love

How Much Does Your Hair Weigh?

Love Rejoices In The Truth

Love Doesn’t Rejoice In Unrighteousness

The Risk Of Riches

Victim Or Victor?

Testing Positive


Preparing To See The King

Standing Still, Going Forward

Protecting Children

Focus On God’s House, Not Yours

Living Water

A Better Deal?

Who’s Number One?

USA: 246 Years Old

Up To You Or Up To God?

God Is

He Has Done All Things Well

Christ, Christians. And Craziness

Not Worth A Plugged Nickel

School’s Out! (Or Is It?)

Helping Those Who Hurt

Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary

Are Christians Anti-Science?

Wake Up!

The Shroud Of Turin and Other “Relics”


Walking Before. After. And With God

God: Our Refuge And Strength

God Is Good

Double Standards

Scrupulously Honest

Cows And Christians

The Bible: Our Gold Standard

Equal Rights

Who Has Despised The Day Of Small Things?

Don’t Be Deceived, #4

Don’t Be Deceived, #3

Don’t Be Deceived, #2

Don’t Be Deceived!

Pathetic Priests, Princes, and Prophets

A Better Idea

God Has Spoken

Bless The Lord. O My Soul!

Jesus’ Concern For Others, #4

Jesus’ Concern For Others, #3

Jesus’ Concern For Others, #2

Jesus’ Concern For Others

Doesn’t God Want Me To Be Happy?

The Dictionary Says . . .

The Bible’s Very Words Are Inspired

A Life Worth Living

Trust And Obey

Confession And Consistency

Turn From, Turn To

Anger, # 2


Return To The Lord

The True God, #2

The True God

A Century After Jonah

Do You Know Which Way Us Up?

Baptism: A Church Ordinance?

Saved By Grace

Zacchaeus: Overcoming Obstacles

Every Litter Bit Hurts!


I Just Can’t Understand The Bible!

Behold I Thought; Now I Know

What Kind Of Fool?

He Who Complains Volunteers

In Remembrance Of Me

Finding A Fortune

What Will It Profit?

Friend Or Enemy?

What Can One Person Do?

God’s Use Of Water In Salvation

Image And Allegiance

 Jesus And Religion

Cancel Culture

Repentance Unto Life

Jonah: A Fish Story? Does It Matter? #2

Jonah: A Fish Story? Does It Matter?

Ethiopian Eunuch

None Like Him

Salvation Issues

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Selfishness (#3)

Selfishness (#2)


Simon the Samaritan Sorcerer

For Their Sake And Yours

Following the Pattern in the New Year

God Is Holy

Anger (#3)

Anger (2)


The Deceitfulness of Sin (#2)

The Deceitfulness Of Sin

Does It Make Any Difference? (3)

Does It Make Any Difference? (2)

Does It Make Any Difference?

Christ: Our Fountain Of Youth

Conflicting Voices

Jesus’ Concern For Others (4)

Jesus’ Concern For Others (3)

Jesus’ Concern For Others (2)

Jesus’ Concern For Others

You Can Prove Anything By The Bible

The Ultimate Snub

Only Pay For What You Need

Religious Experiences

Does The End Justify The Means?

Prayer In Jesus’ Name



Lifted Up

Reaching Out To Religious People

Prayer And Salvation

What About Those Who Don’t Know?

Saved By Faith

A Battle, A Race, And A Faith

Understanding The Bible (#2)

Understanding The Bible

Deception: Unrighteousness

Self-Deception: Sowing & Reaping

Self-Deception: Evil Company

Self-Deception: Denying Sin

Self-Deception: Conceit

Self-Deception: Worldly Wisdom

Self-Deception: Unbridled Speech

Self-Deception: Hearing Without Doing

Be Not Deceived!

Follow Jesus: Salvation Depends On It

Follow Jesus: He Spoke God’s Words

Follow Jesus: Certify That God Is True

Follow Jesus: He Has Been There

Follow Jesus: He Outranks All

Follow Jesus: It’s God’s Will

Give Attention To Reading

What Will You Do With Jesus? #7

What Will You Do With Jesus? #6

What Will You Do With Jesus? #5

What Will You Do With Jesus? #4

What Will You Do With Jesus? #3

What Will You Do With Jesus? #2

What Will You Do With Jesus?

Where Do The Christians Meet?

Real Righteousness

Spiritual Vertigo

Human Suffering and God’s Wrath

Assurance Of Pardon

What Is Your Heart Pursuing?

For Or Against?

Does Love Bear All Things Or Bare All Things?


Our Faith Is Not Blind!

Gird Up The Loins Of Your Mind!

Saved, But Just Barely?

Take Me To Your Leader!

Would God Be Ashamed Of You?

The Powerful Blood of Jesus


In (no) God We Trust?

The Lord’s Excellent Name

Come Alive!

Naked And Afraid

Extra-Biblical Books

Is It Relevant?

Do We Mean What We Sing?

Are We There Yet? (No!)

Knock Knock! (Who’s There?)

What Do You Want For Your Children?

June Weddings


Don’t Forget! Remember!

Son of Jesus, or Son of the Devil?


Seeking What Jesus Seeks

Seeking God’s Kingdom And Righteousness

First and Foremost

Doing And Not Doing

What Do You Enjoy?

What Are You Discussing?

What Are You Chasing? (#2)

What Are You Chasing?

More Than Just Being Good

Helps For Bible Study

What If You Received An Invitation Like This?

Whom Can You Trust?

Stumbling Block

Mmm, Mmm, Good!


Love People, Use Things

Good Karma? Bad Karma?


I Don’t Care! (Or Do I?)

Why Do You Read The Bible?


When Truth Hurts

Is God For You Or Against  You?


God’s Tested, Pure, Complete Word

Consider Well Your Steps



Gray Hair

Right Conclusion, Wrong Scripture

Oh, For The Good Old Days!

Consider Your Ways!

The Church Isaiah Saw

Broken Hearts

Don’t Walk This Way!

Let’s Go For A Walk (3)

Let’s Go For A Walk (2)

Let’s Go For A Walk

Deceitful Pride

The Bible In English

How Quickly We Forget!

Self-Imposed Famine

The Trouble with Truth

Righteousness, not Ritualism!

Seek Me And Live!

Prepare to Meet Your God!

Did Jonah Finally Get It? Do We?

Of Springtime And Churches

Honor Your Mother!

Identifying What’s Important


The Danger of Overstatement

Jezreel: God Scatters, God Sows

Gracious Speech

The Lord’s Way Is Best

Change Your Clothes!

But It Sounds So Good!

Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory

Before And After

Jesus, Our All In All

Redeemed! How I Love To Proclaim It!

Are You A Qualified Heir?

A Strange Thing?

Walk or Stumble?

Truth, Mercy, and Knowledge of God

I Will . . .

Knowledge of God

New Beginnings

Jesus the Baby and Jesus the Adult

Valley of Trouble, Door of Hope

Prosperity And God

Holiday Cheer — What Kind?

Worse Than Before the Flood?

Talking Blood!

Where Are You? (And Other Questions)

Gimme That Old Time Religion!

Two False, Dangerous Theories About Creation

Before And After

Jesus: Firstborn

Rescued And Transferred

Thankful For Faith, Hope, And Love

Rebels, Redemption, And The Remnant

Situation Hopeless (NOT!)

Just A Cup Of Water

Minimum Standards

Commendable Confidence

Keyboard Religion

Conversions in Corinth

Fire In My Bones

What Does That Have To Do With Jesus Hanging On A Cross?

Mock, Delay, or Trust and Obey

The Gospel and the Pocketbook

Resolving Controversy


He Shall Direct Your Paths

Getting Past Our Past

Two Blinded Men

Sound Asleep

Vacation Time

Honor Your Mother!

How Shall They Hear?

I’m Not Perfect (Or Am I?)

Kicking Against The Goads

Members Of The Body

Contending For The Faith

Inspired: What’s That?

When Ball Becomes Baal

Beware The Bandwagon!

Being Friends of the Poor

Are You Related To Jesus?

Characteristics of a Growing Church

Wanted: Willing Worshippers

Being Confrontational

Super What?

Fruit, Sticks, and other “Little” Things

Are You Faithful?

Documents In The Dust



Everyone Needs An Edith

You’re In God’s Army Now!

Did God Speak To Your Heart?

The Worthiness Of Work

Then And Now, Why And How (#1)

Path Determines Destination

Neither Scrooge Nor Santa

Wise As Serpents

Take Your Vitamins!

Help My Unbelief!

Some Other Way

Reaping The Whirlwind

Darkness And Light

Please The People or Serve The Savior?

Jesus’ “Roots”

Making God In Our Own Image

Effective Prayer

Just Your Interpretation

Baptism: Death, Burial, Resurrection

How Do You See People?

Where Are The Men?

Church Growth

Needed: More Ezras

The Lost Bible


Too Busy!

Give Me or Make Me?

Have Fun!

By What Authority?

Receiving The Gift

Instructions Not Includced

Identity Crisis

Bringing Bread And Cheese

Examine Your Ears!

The Invitation

Accessing God’s Grace

I Quit!

Involvement Or Commitment?

The Church: Christ’s Bride

The Church: God’s Temple

The Church: God’s Family

The Church: Christ’s Kingdom

Do What You Can

Is Matthew 24 Knocking At The Door?

Too Late!

The Bible: Endangered Species!

The Church: Christ’s Body

Jesus And Modern “Scholars”

Does God Work Through You?

Salvarion In Christ Jesus


Hybrid Seed



Summing It All Up

The Indestructible Church

Minimizing Sin

Ignorance Is Bliss

Run With Endurance

Is That All There Is?

Phony Confessions

Keep Being Friendly!

Kicking Against The Goads

I’m Too Busy!

Youth And Religions

What About Good Moral People?

2The Lord Has Need Of Him

Here I Am!

Leadership And Servanthood

Be Thankful And Prayerful

Sense And Sensibility

Saved On The Road To Damascus?

Speak, Lord, For Your Servant Hears!

It Works



Love The Lord And Teach Your Kids

The Word Of His Grace

Church? Why Bother?

Church? Why Bother? (#2)

Got Your Nikes On?

Believe It!

Hope And Assisted Suicide

We’re Part Of The Family

Truth, Sincerity, and Wisdom

Did You Repent?

Mark Of The Beast!

Spontaneous Worship

Eat God’s Words!

Do Not Sin Against The Child!

The Right Way

Legislating Morality

Come Out!

Been There, Done That

Salvation, Grace, Faith, And Works

God And You

Who Is Jesus?

Carnal Or Spiritual

Infant Baptism

The Name Christian

Personal Savior

Get A Grip!

What About This Man?

A Minister? Who, Me?

In The World But Not Of The World

God’s Team Wins

It Is Written

Why Is It Hard To Forgive?

How Furtunate We Are!

Clergy Or Laity?

Why Are You Waiting?

Search And Look

Opportunities And Adversaries

Speak, Think, Do

Law Or Grace

Matchless Love

Great Songs From Revelation

Balance In Worship

Are You A Child Of God?

Do Not Forsake Me!

Your Father Called

Soundness And Good Works

What About The Sabbath? (#1)

What About The Sabbath (#2)

Do You Not Know?

Without Murmuring And Disputing

Morning Clouds And Early Dew


Take Heed How You Hear!

The Gospel Call

A Matter Of The Heart

When Truth Hurts

Does God Have A Dress Code?

Is The Bible Relevant?

That Terrible Tongue!

Stay Out Of The Fire!

Here Am I: Send Me!

Great Expectations

No Titles Please



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